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Power-Flex Stretching
Super Flexibility and Strength for Peak Performance

Do you need to achieve a higher level of flexibility? Does your sports discipline requires the strength out of common run? You can really express all your athletic capabilities only developing your strength and flexibility qualities at MAXIMUM. In some sports disciplines, like Martial Arts, artistic Gymnastic, competitive Aerobics and many others, not only HIGHER level of joint mobility is needed but it is also fundamental for achieving high performance level. SUPER flexible and strong physique will allow you to build the bases for EXCELLENT athletic performances as well as to build injury-proof physique.

This book reveals the SECRETS of developing EXCELLENT strength and flexibility qualities in a very short time as you never dared to think of before.

The author, acknowledged as an expert in the sector, puts at your disposal the incredibly valuable and efficacious exercises which were born from his personal experience as professional athlete and from his studying on the issue. Scientific knowledge and precious personal experience are matched in this book.

The text reveals:

  • a simple test to see if your coxal joint (hip) may allow you to do complete side split.

  • EXTRAORDINARY isometric PNF technique, through which you could eventually achieve the Stretching results reported in this book WITHOUT AGE LIMITS (eventually full splits with no warm-up!)

  • how to develop amazing explosive strength
    If you are martial arts’ athlete who trusts in explosive capacity of his legs, you will find specific exercises on it. If you are an athlete who practice any other sports discipline you will understand “specificity “ factor which is fundamental for your success as athlete.

    How to develop the strength literally out of common run, challenging gravitation.
    Each technique is explained thoroughly and backed - up with explanations of physiological and biomechanical mechanisms which are on its base.
    • The text is also backed-up with large scientific bibliography.
This book will change the path of your athletic results, catapulting your sporting performance.

The Author, David De Angelis has been studying on training technique and muscular physiology for years. He has taken part at many Matial Arts and Aerobics competitions and has devoted a great deal of his studying and experimenting to SUPER strength and flexibility achievement.

He’s been collaborating with many magazines, specialised in the sector.

This book is POWER-FLEX teaching method and its aim is to lead and take a serious and motivated reader to his maximum specific strength and flexibility.

PRESENTATION by Master Willerm Jacob BOS (8th degree Tae Kwon Do)

Dear David,

I’ve read your book “Power Flex Stretching” with a great interest and I would like to congratulate on quality of the information you’ve collected, based on Your great experience and culture in Stretching as well as on Your knowledge on human body capabilities.
I’m sure this book will be very useful to all sportsmen who believe in their own capabilities. In particular, as Taekwon-do Master- an martial Art where the legs are used a lot- I suggest “Power Flex” to all Martial arts practisers because of its precious and detailed information as well as for the certainty the book gives in reaching certain goals both moral and physical.
Besides, I steady intend to put Your text in, as basic acquaintance for all F.I.TAE (Italian Taekwon-do Federation) instructors to improve and refine the teaching, practising and training of Stretching.

PRESENTATION by Prof. Maurizio ROMANO (University "LA SAPIENZA" Rome, Italy)

Throughout my long career in the field of applied rehabilitation kinesiology, I have had the privilege of coming into contact with a great number of people who have helped me to develop and put into practice scientific methods involving activities of both a spiritual and physical nature. Among these activities, I cite several sports and classical dance, all of which entail a great degree of psychophysical discipline. I constantly have emphasized the importance of exercise and its proper execution and pointed out how it can contribute enormously to our well-being and enable us to face adversity of all sizes and shapes. As a university professor, I have been unceasing in my efforts to persuade doctors, medical specialists, and educators to teach their patients and pupils the benefits of aerobics, and I have spent years trying to perfect new exercise techniques
based on scientifically-tested combinations of stretching, breathing tasks, and both regionalized and diffused muscular contraction.
I am deeply indebted to David De Angelis for providing the spark to write this long overdue book. After six long years of theoretical lectures and debates, intensive bibliographical research, and putting into practice a wide range of exercises and innovative training techniques, my interest in sports and, in particular, the application of stretching as a means of attaining harmony and balance has been enhanced even more.
While my collaboration with David De Angelis continues, I am happy, in the meantime, to present this edition of POWER-FLEX. From one point of view, this volume is a bona-fide testimony to the magic of 'souplesse-stabilization' as tested specifically by the author himself and illustrated in the photos contained herein.
In addition, the book represents an implicit condemnation of the so-called 'pharmaceutical body-building' based on research indicating that the resulting hypertrophy is ephemeral in nature (and heaven help those who try to stop once they have started!), and leads to a range of aesthetic distortions as well as necessitates ingestion of both medical and dietary supplements of dubious benefit and, at times, that are downright dangerous.

Needless to say, stretching is far from being a mere supplementary activity (it is not just a simple warm-up exercise) in sports. A specialized stretching program is an integral part of a sports regimen aimed at enhancing performance and, as previously hinted at, can prove to be the 'secret weapon' that an athlete needs to make a qualitative jump in his sport. The author sets out to treat the subject thoroughly so that any serious-minded athlete can easily incorporate the author's paradigm into his own training routine.

POWER-FLEX has the dual role of treating the subject from both a a theoretical and practical standpoint. No method can be considered valid if it has not been tested on the human body (and, in this case, the author's own body was tested!), and I am convinced that the reader will benefit greatly by following the path suggested by David De Angelis.

(Prof. M. Romano)
Sports Science Department
University of Rome, La Sapienza (Italy)

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